Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs

What we do - Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai - By Stephen Eastop

Teachers teaching and learning from eachother at Ekadaksha learning center, ChennaiEvery teacher at ELC is extremely talented and has a set of skills which they wanted to share with each other. This initiative by the teachers showed the bond and the dedication of the team. All of them have a collective goal to learn and develop themselves in order to provide the best to the children in their respective classes. Here is the knowledge shared and cherished:

1. Ms. Komathi taught a leg and hand massage which helps in relieving stress, pains and rejuvenates the body. 

2. Ms. Akila taught video making using apps on the mobile phone. She covered aspects of adding music, removing original voice, trimming, splitting and adding themes, text, stickers, gif images etc. 

3. Ms. Nithya engaged all in the painting of a scenery using basic art tips. She taught them how to create a background and then develop this into a pretty piece of art. This activity kindled creativity and calmness. 

4. Ms. Ganga imparted knowledge about techniques and ideas of pre number concepts in Math which rekindled everyone's interest in math. She also gave homework to all the teachers which was completed with great enthusiasm. 

Click here to see pictures of our teachers in action. 

Click here to see the homework in pre number math concepts of sorting, one to one correspondence and number representation of numbers from 2 to 9





Zumba for ELC teachers by Ms. Hetal, Zumba instructor, at Ekadaksha, ChennaiZumba is an exercise fitness programme founded by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Beto Perez in the 90s. It is a super good and fun way to shake off the extra pounds and tone one's body. For those who love dancing it is the best way to become physically and emotionally fit. The teachers at ELC love to have fun and most of them love to dance. This session with Ms. Hetal, a Zumba instructor, gave them the space and energy to let loose and enjoy themselves. All of them, even those who were shy, let go of their inhibitions and danced and moved along with Hetal with big smiles on their faces. Click here to watch our teacher doing the Zumba.




 Guided meditation by Ms. Bindu, Reiki Master/Director of ELC, at Ekadaksha, ChennaiMeditation is becoming more and more popular as people search for ways to relax, destress, accelerate their spiritual development and enhance their quality of life. One of the easiest way to experience the overal benefits of meditation is to listen to a guided meditation. You are able to focus and listen to positive suggestions which gives a blissful experience and immediate benefits. One tends to feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The teachers of ELC were given this experience by Ms. Bindu, Director of ELC who is also a Reiki Master. This experience gave a them a sense of themselves and a realisation of what they need to do in order to improve their quality of life as well. Click here to see our Master and teachers in deep bliss. 



Yoga session and practice for ELC teachers with Ms.Ramya, Yoga instructor at Ekadaksha, ChennaiAs teachers we need to be on our feet, fit and have a relaxed mind at all times. However, every teacher has to deal with life's various challenges and that sometimes creates aches and pains as well. Therefore, ELC invited Ms. Ramya, Yoga therapist to introduce and teach the basics of yoga to the teachers as well as provide them with case specific exercises. A few sessions were conducted in order to learn the right forms, postures and understand the importance of each stretch and exercise as well as which part of the body it would address. Breathing exercises were also done. After these sessions, teachers began practising yoga twice a week at the center. They would practice together and motivate each other. This practice can then be incorporated in their daily lives. Click here to view our teachers enjoying a yoga session. 




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