Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs
Excursion 2019-A day of outdoor play at S.T.E.PExcursion 2019-A day of outdoor play at S.T.E...

Excursion - A short trip for leisure, a deviation from the regular activities of the day...Indeed a  [ ... ]

Pongal time 2019Pongal time 2019

In an agricultural based civilization, the harvest of crops plays an important role. Farmers depend  [ ... ]

Tennis camp 2019Tennis camp 2019

Ekadaksha organised a Tennis camp this year for 5 days, in order to encourage children with special  [ ... ]

Motto of Ekadaksha Learning Center Chennai

"Nobody signs up to have a child with special needs. Then you realize that this is a gift, this child is the light. And if you can nourish that light and let it shine, you have an opportunity to get closer to God, and that’s grace."

 John C. McGinley

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