Ekadaksha Learning Center for Children with special needs
Founders day-9 years of ELCFounders day-9 years of ELC

People say, the journey is the pleasure, the journey is the learning, the journey is what is importa [ ... ]

Excursion to Fun city 2019-Remedial childrenExcursion to Fun city 2019-Remedial children

The remedial children at Ekadaksha went for an excursion to Fun City, Express Avenue on a Sunday. It [ ... ]

Excursion 2019-A day of outdoor play at S.T.E.PExcursion 2019-A day of outdoor play at S.T.E...

Excursion - A short trip for leisure, a deviation from the regular activities of the day...Indeed a  [ ... ]

Would you like to work with children with special needs, but you do not have the educational qualifications? This is the place for you. ELC need volunteers to help with the morning group classes from 10.00am to 1.00pm. If you can spare some of your time, do contact us

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